Content – aka “media” – has always been king.  King = the right content, presented in the right ways, in the right forms, at the right times, on the right platforms.  All tied together with a strategy, hopefully with business goals.

Social media and handheld devices have led to an explosion of poor content, which has diluted every market.  But this provides an opportunity to rise above it and get noticed.

Our content philosophy – which we have proven in the real world for ourselves and others:

1. Content begets content.
People will always share, riff on, copy and otherwise “rebirth” good content.

2. Good content creates community and buzz.
Enthusiasts crave it, share it and talk about it.

3. Good content can elevate and resuscitate.
Brands, properties and people.

4. Good content lives wherever.
Social media, website, email, chatroom, ecommerce, app – good content can and should be able to live in all of these places.

5. Good content is always fresh.
If you aren’t trying new things with content all the time, it gets stale.

6. Be regular.
Otherwise no matter how god your content is, it won’t work.

The opposite of the above is true as well.