The Who: Enthusiasts


All kinds of enthusiasts, all have one thing in common: passion. It might be passion for a sport or other pastime. Maybe a product or family of products – a lifestyle, a brand or brands.

It might be a daily or weekend activity – and it is an activity, even if it’s anaerobic, because enthusiasm requires energy.

They might do it/feel it alone, or with friends or family. Or with peers: Enthusiasts can be customers, patrons and even vendors and employees.

Whatever it is, these people identify with that passion. They’re proud of it. They’re enthusiastic about it. And they want more.

“More” might be more products, more doing it, more entertainment, contributing more to it – it all amounts to them being more “in that world” in some way, every day. Maybe several times a day.

In the digital world we’re in, “more” at least starts with media.

All media are converging, and the web is further enabling the constriction – aka “(micro) niching,” “(micro) targeting” – of media. Technology is expediting this constriction, which has been going on since the first magazines, TV shows and even radio shows. This “concentrated splintering” helps us (and should help you) find and recognize enthusiasts, refine and redefine their niches – what they’re enthusiastic about – and reach them in new ways.

Niches and their enthusiasts are not the same as they were 10 or even 5 years ago. Recognizing this is the second step.

The first step is understanding that every business has enthusiasts.

The third leg of the stool is understanding that good media is the key to reaching enthusiasts, and that anything digital is media – meaning YOU and your company are in the media business, and need to treat your media that way.