Current and Former SASQ Media Properties

Current Properties


Jay Kumar’s BassBlaster (
The first curated daily email newsletter in bass fishing and only mobile product in the #1 fishing market in the world, launched Q1 ’12. Now the #2 daily read in bass fishing, reaching over 100K anglers daily.

Target Walleye/Ice (
Similar product to the BassBlaster but in different fishing verticals, launched in Q4 2014 and now the #1 platform in those markets . (
Web-based membership app, v1.0 launched May ’11, v1.2 launched January ’12, v2.0 launched April ’13. Mobile app in development.


Serious Bird Hunting (
The first multimedia initiative in the outdoors market to take a 70-year-old conversation about upland bird hunting and bring it into the 21st Century. Media included website (, books (first book is Serious Grouse Hunting, Book 1), social, TV treatment. Lots of growth and buzz, but SBH was mothballed due to hunting industry apathy about upland hunting. A shame. (
Blog launched early ’09 for connoisseurs of classic rock guitar tone. As of Q4 ’11 was one of the biggest music industry blogs and the biggest rock gear blog. Mothballed to focus on fishing.

Former Properties (SOLD)

Firearms Training

Threat Dynamics (
The only company in the world that provides small-arms training and education to civilians using military-level tech. Also provides training to local, state and federal law enforcement.

Outdoor Sports

OutdoorsFan Media was the world’s largest publisher of daily outdoor sports news when sold to InterMedia Outdoors, a division of New York, NY-based media investment fund InterMedia Partners VII, in July 2007.  The transaction was the world’s first sale of a profitable, web-only media company.  Under the OutdoorsFan Media umbrella were:

Web – The first and still market-leading news site for this tight community of enthusiasts. – News site for grassroots tournament membership program, the largest in fishing. – The first news site covering competitive inshore/near-shore saltwater fishing. – The only weather site geared to outdoors enthusiasts. – The first news site covering competitive shotgun shooting, with some hunting content.

Proprietary Stats
> BassFan World Rankings – The first and still only statistical world ranking of professional bass anglers. Believe it or not, this ranking system is one of the most complex in pro sports.
> Earnings, caught-weight and sponsor stats never before seen in professional bass fishing.

BassFan MAG – The first fishing magazine (annual) about professional anglers, rather than where and how to fish.

BassFan Army – The world’s largest (number of members) membership program for grassroots competitive bass anglers.

> Top Gun Championship – Championship tournament based on the BassFan World Rankings of professional anglers from both major leagues.
> Weekend Warrior Championship – Annual national championship for BassFan Army members.

Former Properties (FOLDED)

Ball Sports
Provided the only statistical week-to-week rankings of NFL head coaches, active only during football season. Actively followed for a time, really cool.


The SlabBlaster
The first curated daily email newsletter in crappie fishing, launched Dec ’13, became the #2 media platform in its category.

The IceBlaster
The first curated daily email newsletter about ice fishing, seasonal, launched Q1 ’14, now part of Target Walleye/Ice.
Even though it was the highest-trafficked blog in the biggest market in fishing, folded to focus on mobile media (BassBlaster).

Rock Music
Curated wiki archive of all gear used by rock musicians to achieve their signature tones.
Blog about guitar amplifiers.

> Both had legs but folded to focus on fishing.

Military News/History
The world’s only social war news and history site – “because war stories are too important to be left to the mass media.” Partner site to National Combat History Archive, sold in 2010.