Media and Content
Optimizing Web Media

Media and Content

We sometimes provide premium targeted content/media for enthusiast-focused businesses as well as companies that want an active, energetic digital presence.

Content = Words, photos, short- and long-form video.


1. Premium means great, sometimes good, never bad. We see a lot of companies – especially bigger ones – paying lots of money for poor, has-been content. Don’t!

2. Targeted means enthusiast-focused. Because we create and supply content for various enthusiast groups, all sides inform each other. That is one of several ways SASQ Media is unique.

3. Active and energetic means exactly that. Your eyes light up. You smile, you laugh, you share. If your digital media is not doing this, you are losing to someone whose media is.

4. Video means everything from short-form YouTube or YouTube-like content to longer-form webcasts to TV shows.

5. We also develop our own properties, which enables us to see – and bring to folks we work with – what actually moves markets and enthusiasts, not just what they’re used to.

6. Our strengths are:

> Creating monetizable (if need), unique content with a PURPOSE – not content for content’s sake.
> Creating content enthusiasts find ADDICTING.
> In-depth knowledge of the markets, and thus what content enthusiasts will react to (not just enjoy).
> Enveloping promotion/advertising in entertainment so enthusiasts don’t feel that they are being “sold.”
> Content that is truly entertaining to enthusiasts, not “trying to be funny.”
> Finding unique, entertaining content in places others fail to look.
> Creating completely unique content (e.g., custom stats).
> All of the above = creating “buzz.”
> Implementation, training and care/feeding of same.
> Shooting and hitting the moving target that is digital media.

When it comes to enthusiasts, all of the above must be done exactly right or it can do more harm than good.

We also have:
> High professional standards, including quick turnaround.
> Low overhead.

Plus, no one else in the markets in which we operate has our track record of profitable, pioneering, web-delivered content.


Optimizing Web Media

If you have web media you feel is not working optimally for you, we can help you optimize it no matter what your goals are (revenue, traffic/social stats, content, all). Bear in mind:

1. Web media means your website(s), your social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), email and maybe another thing or two.
2. Anything on the web is media, and effective media takes care and feeding.
3. The more vertical your business/market(s), the higher the potential for your web media.
4. Usually these improvements aren’t difficult nor particularly expensive.