First what we do not do: We do not deal in conventional wisdom about media and digital because conventional wisdom is already too late.

By following our instincts and learning hard lessons sine the earliest days of the web, we have demonstrated significant tangible success (pioneering media, user base, content, community, revenue, profit), and are continually refining and launching our own digital projects. Jay has had the good fortune to have success in every form of media: TV, print, data, digital.

So we know about media and digital from direct experience, and are continually learning: what works/what doesn’t, what’s the best/worst, what costs the least/most short-term and long-term, revenue paths and possibilities, etc.

This experience is primarily geared toward our own projects, though we do work with a few other companies. In those cases, we do our best to avoid being just an overhead cost:  SASQ Media is a business, meaning we manage money responsibly and are in it to learn and to profit.  We selectively work with other companies which share that same operating philosophy.